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The luscious softness of a baby's skin, the curious sparkle in a child's eye, the quiet confidence of an independent teen, the connection and comfort shared between a father and daughter, the infectious excitement and love eminating from a newly engaged couple.... Moments.... Fleeting moments. Often gone before we get the chance to truly and fully appreciate them. Brief as they are- these moments are what life is all about. What memories are made of.

This is why I love photography. Not only is it my job, but also my privilege to peek into your life for a few hours and forever capture those moments. The connections, interactions, emotions. That special smile or favourite expression, shy cuddle or those heart stopping eyes... Documented and preserved for you to remember and relive for years to come. It's no wonder I love my job! I strive to capture my clients as they are- real. No posing, no "say cheese", just real life. The little details you want to remember.

Always a creative person, I only discovered the art of photography in 2005. My interest quickly grew into a passion. Glad to have discovered this art so early in my life, I am excited to see where it will lead me in the years to come. I feel blessed to be able to turn my passion into a career. I thank my son Austyn for inspiring me daily. My boyfriend Jason and my mom for encouraging me and believing in me. My family and friends for supporting me.

Jenna Terry